Classical/Fingerstyle Arm & Leg Supports


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Overview of Guitarest Products

The Guitarest brand encompasses two supports:

One is an adjustable, angled arm rest that allows for greater support, stability, comfort and ease of action for the right hand, arm and shoulder.  The second is a leg rest (guitar support) that offers 3 unique angles of adjustment for

individual positioning preferences, again allowing greater support and stability for the guitarist and their instrument. It also features a detachable belt clip that, when attached, keeps the leg rest and guitar securely anchored beside the player's body.

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Take a Look at Guitarest in Action!

In this video, guitarist Alberta Khoury is using a prototype of the Guitarest, which has an aluminum skirt. The revised, new models are entirely in black. With credit and thanks to The New York Guitar Festival and The Greene Space at WNYC.

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Imagine the Possibilities for Your Playing...

Overcoming dysfunctional right arm/hand tension and physical characteristics that keep you from reaching your highest playing potential.
Having a right arm playing position that allows for complete relaxed support of the limb and effortless ease of action for the fingers.
A playing position so comfortable that you begin to take your right hand "for granted."
Smooth mobility and support for the arm/hand in all transition movements.
Having a solid foundation to build your skills upon.
Having an adjustable arm support that has 12 different positions for players ranging in height from 5'2" to 6'6".

Meet the Inventor


Tim Johnson received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Illinois Wesleyan University. He was the guitar instrumental soloist in the 505th Air Force Band of the Midwest for the pop/rock group "Horizon" for 4 years prior to attending the University of Denver on full scholarship, where he earned his second undergraduate degree in classical guitar performance, studying with Ricardo Iznaola. He holds 4 patents on his arm and leg supports for guitar. He recently designed a new model of his arm rest after meeting with the GRAMMY-award winning classical guitarist, Sharon Isbin, who is the founding director of the Guitar Department at the Juilliard School of Music in New York. Tim has taught guitar for nearly 20 years in Denver, Colorado. He currently lives in Illinois.

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