"The Guitarest is a wonderful new invention that will benefit many guitarists around the world.  The Guitarest system enables the right hand to be in a much more relaxed position, which improves tone and prevents the right hand from getting tired.  The Guitarest also improves a guitar player's posture and will help prevent problems with the spine, which many guitarists experience after years of playing.  I highly recommend the Guitarest system to players both professional and amateur.  I never play these days without the Guitarest and I am grateful to Tim for having invented it."

--Liona Boyd


Known as "The First Lady of the Guitar," Liona Boyd holds a unique position in the world of classical guitar, through her composition talents, her extensive international touring and her twenty record albums.


"Since I started using the Guitarest, my playing has improved greatly.


"The Guitarest system has given me the comfort and security previously absent when playing the guitar.  This system relieves me of any concerns regarding the position and stability of the guitar while performing.


"The Guitarest allows me to concentrate and focus totally on the music with no distractions.  I feel the Guitarest system is an important development in the field of classical guitar."


--Rene Gonzales


Rene Gonzales, B.M., M.M. and , D.M.A., University of Miami is an EFM Recording Artist and author of the book, "The Advancing Classical Guitarist," Volumes 1 & 2 and "The Romantic Guitarist," Level 2.


"The Guitarest has helped me considerably in my playing. I do not feel the uncomfortable edge of the guitar curve that one normally rests their hand on. I have played with and without the rest to compare and contrast. Without the rest, my arm was in pain because of the tendons crushing onto the edge of the guitar. With the rest, my arm was at ease and it was far easier to manoeuvre the hand for changing tone colours.


I would definitely recommend the rest to any student or player, as one will feel less strain and pressure on their arm."



Alberta Khoury is the winner of the Sydney Eisteddfod Instrumental Duos competition and she has performed at the 16th Convegno Internazionale di Chitarra at the Conservatorio di Vivaldi Auditorium. She has performed at the 2017 New York Guitar Festival and is currently studying with Sharon Isbin at Juilliard.

"May well prove to be of the same importance to guitarists as the chin-rest is to violinists.  I would recommend all guitarists to try this device, whatever their size.  I personally find the platform it offers much more accommodating to the arm than the edge of the guitar body."


--Jonathan Leathwood


Jonathan Leathwood is a Teaching Associate Professor, Guitar & Theory Chair at the University of Denver. He has performed at West Dean in the U.K., the Nurtingen Festival in Germany and London's Wigmore Hall. He has collaborated with Julian Bream on a commission of solo guitar works by major composers and he has won awards from BBC Television's Young Musician of the Year competition, the Myra Hess Trust, the Ian Fleming Trust and he was the first guitarist to record a recital for BBC Radio 3's Young Artists' Forum.